I am a professional composer of contemporary classical concert music.  My Bio will provide details of my background and experience.

You’ll find lists of my Works sorted by ensemble type.  A link to each work directs you to more information, including: commissioning & premiere performance details; program notes; text information; pdf score samples; and audio excerpts.  Please do not download, store or copy the audio files—they are included here for reference only.  Full scores, instrumental parts and audio recordings are available directly from me.  My music is also available for rent or purchase at the Canadian Music Centre [].

The News section has the most current information on what I’m up to professionally.  This changes as new projects come up.  My Photos section contains documentation of rehearsals, concerts and other related activity.  Reviews of performances can be found in the Press section.

Finally, if you would like scores and/or recordings sent out to you, or you have any comments or questions, please Contact me.

Thanks for visiting.

David R. Scott,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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