Cold Moons (2018)

The women’s choir Esprit de Choeur commissioned Cold Moons in 2018.  The five-movement cycle is a setting of selected poems from the collection Cold Moons by the Icelandic writer Magnús Sigurðsson.  The text is sung in the original Icelandic and in English, translated by Meg Matich.

Cold Moons (2018)

  1. Blackbirds/Svartþrestir
  2. Agriculture/Akuryrkja
  3. Through the Dark Forest/Um Myrkurskóginn
  4. Icy Moon/Frosið tungl
  5. Day Lilies/Daglilian

Cold Moons_text

Funding for this commission was provided by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Under the direction of Valdine Anderson, Esprit de Choeur will premiere Cold Moons in Iceland during a five-venue tour in August 2018.

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