D’après les lignes de Guillevic (2011)

for: three cellos
duration: 10 minutes
premiered: by Thomas Wiebe; Denise Djokic; Brian Yoon; cellos, June 2011
Commissioned by the International Cello Festival, Winnipeg

D’après les lignes de Guillevic/After lines by Guillevic is a three-movement work partly informed by the work of the French poet Eugene Guillevic (1907-97). Each of these short movements carries a subtitle that evokes some element of the atmosphere found in the original short poems. The movements are as follows:

D’après les lignes de Guillevic
1) la fleur sans nom
2) dans la clarté du jour
3) un dieu qu’on oublie

This work was commissioned by Paul Marleyn for the International Cello Festival of Canada and is approximately 10 minutes in duration. D’après les lignes de Guillevic
was premiered in Winnipeg on June 19, 2011 by cellists Denise Djokic, Thomas Wiebe, and Brian J. Yoon. I would like to thank Paul and the ICFC, as well as these wonderful performers, for their artistry, enthusiasm and support.

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