Pluto’s Moons (2008)
for: wind ensemble
MVT I: Charon
MVT III: Hydra
Commissioned by: Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts, and Vincent Massey Collegiate, Winnipeg.
Premiered in Banff, Alberta at the Rocky Mountain Band Festival under the direction of Jacquie Dawson (April, 2008).

Dwarf Planets (2007)
for: orchestra (2-2-2-2; 4-3-2-1; 3P; strings)
MVT I: Eris: Disorderly Conduct
MVT II: Ceres: Earth Mum
MVT III: Pluto: Possible Mob Connections
Commissioned and premiered by: the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra & the Winnipeg Youth Symphony Orchestra (April, 2007).

Scylla (2003)     mp3 score
for: orchestra (2-2-2-2; 4-2-2-1; 3P; pno; strings)

The Material Plane (1996)     mp3 score
for: orchestra (2-2-2-2; 4-2-2-1; 3P; strings)
Commissioned and premiered by: Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra under Dennis Simons (April, 1997).

Nazca Lines (1992)
for: chamber orchestra (1-1-1-1; 2-1-1-1; 2P; strings [1-1-1-1-1])
Commissioned and premiered by: St. Lawrence String Quartet & the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra under Wayne Toews (December, 1992).

Orchestra with Solo(s)

Ritornello (2017)  
for: Solo flute, solo oboe, solo violin and string orchestra
Commissioned and premiered by: the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (December, 2017).

The Widening Gyre (2009)  Text by David R. Scott
for: soprano and string orchestra
II-A Tangle of Stars
III-Geological Consent
Commissioned and premiered by: Soprano, Luz Alvirez & the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra under Scott Woo (February, 2010).

Cello Concerto
for: cello solo and orchestra (2-2-2-2; 2-2-1-0; 2P; pno; strings)
Commissioned and premiered by: Cellist, Paul Marleyn & the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra under Geoffrey Moull (April, 2008).

The Rising Curve of Day (2006)  Text by P. K. Page
for: mezzo-soprano, orchestra (2-2-2-2; 4-2-2-1; 2P; pno; strings)

I The World mp3 score
II Emergence mp3 score
III Preparation mp3 score

Commissioned by: CBC Radio.
Premiered by: Mezzo-soprano, Rosemarie van der Hooft & the Victoria Symphony Orchestra under Tania Miller (September, 2006).

Double Concerto
for: violin solo, cello solo, strings (3-3-3-2-1)

I Intertidal mp3 score
II Incremental mp3 score
III Circular mp3 score

Commissioned and premiered by: Violinist, Kerry DuWors; Mark Rudoff, cello and the Brandon Chamber Players (April, 2006).

: concerto for viola and chamber orchestra (2003)
for: viola and chamber orchestra (0-1-1-0; 2-0-0-0; percussion; viola solo; strings)

Mvt 1 mp3 score
Mvt 2 mp3 score
Mvt 3 mp3 score

Commissioned and premiered by: Violist, Daniel Scholz and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra under Roy Goodman (April, 2003).

The Straits of Messina
for: piano solo; clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon; trumpet, trombone, bass trombone; two percussion; two violins, two violas, cello, bass

Arras: a Garden of Cinema
(1992) Text by P. K. Page
for: mezzo-soprano solo, string orchestra, string quartet, harp, three percussion.
Available on the Vienna Modern Masters label.
Premiered by: Mezzo-soprano Allison McArdy & the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra under Victor Feldbrill (June, 1993).

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