Songs from the Ringelblum Archive: poems


1) For This
For this I would need strength
_______ (unreadable line) _______
I’d have to be a fire brand
I’d show you what I can
But I have no strength left

Untitled Fragment by Solomom of Smotche

2) Rain
I don’t know the thoughts of
horses in rain
horses yoked
to heavy loads

But I —
I want to lie on these same roads
on these same roads in rain at night
and be pulled by wet horses
over gray and silent earth

Rain by Raizl Zhikhlinski

3) Spider
grey Autumn
like a spider
crawls on my head
and weeps
and spins
dark dreams.

October Morning by Simkha Shayevitch

4) Night
The night has rocked me to sleep in her lap
and sung into my ear
the song of darkness and sweet dying

but I was awake and aware
heard my young hot blood
prepare to fight
against it.

No Title by Simkha Shayevitch

5) Miracle
And still it is beautiful as a miracle,
This rosy twig of lilac…

Even in our days
of evil, terror and dread.

Even in our street,
when hate swells grand with khutspa…
the little lilac twig stretches out
to you and to me like a miracle…

Like A Miracle by Zusman Segalovitch

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