Balance (2005/12)

In his 2001 book, On Equilibrium, John Ralston Saul argues that the qualities of Common Sense, Ethics, Imagination, Intuition, Memory and Reason “are most effective in a society when they are recognized as of equal, universal value and so are integrated into our normal life.” This idea provided the framework for Balance which attempts to reconcile an analogous web of strictly musical relationships.

Balance is a four-movement work that is approximately 12 minutes long. The first three movements are played without a break. Movement IV, which is offset by a brief pause, is very short and has the character of an afterthought. Balance was commissioned by Duo Concertante with funds provided by the Manitoba Arts Council. The premiere took place in St. John’s, Newfoundland in January 2005.

Balance was revised in 2012 and performed by Veronique Mathieu, violin and Maddy Hildebrand, piano on the Rosemunda Summer Festival in Winnipeg.

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