Disordered Songs: poems

Text: excerpts from Fridge Magnet Cycle (1996) by Steven Mayoff

Iron Garden
man can fall fast & spring up next day on some bare iron garden

Lazy Leg
still woman manipulates her tiny cry & watches an elaborate friend wax her lazy leg

Let Go
let go of time and you will never ask why you live for those who are gone

read the sleeping life of blue mist parting over the still lake
as a woman’s gown would to rays of cool light

Moon Blood/Blood Moon
lick a bitter peach under showering blood moon

Purple Forest
like you two I could recall a luscious shadow but only when rain
is asleep behind a purple forest

Skin Music
smooth egg robes soar above language from raw skin music

Tall Tale
we tell lie about trip as I take leave by trudge

T.V. Light
she always stared out of life most needful robbed of blue TV light

an urge to produce delicateness smells a hot rose under cool rock

Winter Chains
beneath a crushing symphony of winter chains the road dreams
a delicate likeness of rain petals


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