Recipe for Tea (2003)

for: soprano or mezzo-soprano solo, flute, viola, piano, percussion
duration: 13 minutes
premiered: by Valdine Anderson, soprano and GroundSwell 2004
Manitoba Arts Council Commission

Recipe for Tea is a setting of a poem by Jim Wong-Chu and is one movement.  The work was premiered on April 2, 2004 at Crescent Fort Rouge Church in Winnipeg by Valdine Anderson, soprano; Laurel Ridd, flute, Dan Scholz, viola; Judy Kehler-Siebert, piano; Rob Gardner, percussion; Michelle Mourre, conductor.   Recipe for Tea was recorded for national broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Special thanks to: Valdine Anderson for her enthusiasm and encouragement during the creation and realization of this piece.  Jim Wong-Chu for his poem recipe for tea and for his kind permission to use the text in this musical setting.

Thanks also to the Manitoba Arts Council for supporting the creation of this work through a Composers Commission and Development Grant. CBC radio, and most specifically David Jaeger, for enthusiastic support, expertise, and tireless lobbying for the recording and broadcasting of art music.


Recipe for tea_study score 2016 – Score

TEXT, recipe for tea, Jim Wong-Chu

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