Strictly Vestigial: in memoriam Frank Zappa (1994)

This is a tribute to one of my musical heroes who died way too young. These are largely improvised keyboard sketches fleshed out in a tongue-in-cheek manner reminiscent of some of Zappa’s electronic work.

Fourteen MIDI sketches for Roland MT-32 Sound Module

I) Bad Suit

II) Beyond Acupuncture

III) Cadet School
IV) Bird Parts
V) Ed McMahon Calls

VI) Teeny Blues

VII) Lame Duck Currie with Rice

VIII) Prometheus, Ossified

IX) Inflatable Hairpiece

X) Massa Piss
XI) Industrial Soporific

XII) Glass Wallpaper

XIII) Monte Walks

XIV) Betty Crocker Hazing Ritual

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